Team UDL  promotes the Universal Design for Learning at Haverford College via consultations, documentation, and events.

Team UDL members include:

  • Sherrie Borowsky (Access and Disability Services)
  • Brian Cuzzolina (Office of Academic Resources)
  • Raquel Estevez-Joyce (Office of Academic Resources)
  • Kristin Lindgren (Faculty liaison for ADS)
  • Hiroyo Saito (Instruction Technology Services)
  • Alex Savoth (Instruction Technology Services)
  • Charles Woodard (Instructional Technology Services)
  • Sharon Strauss (Instructional Technology Services)
  • Terry Snyder (Libraries)
  • Kelly Wilcox (Dean’s office)

Team UDL is excited to partner with faculty members. Please send out questions and suggestions!

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