Suggestions from students on how to make our classroom more accessible

On May 3, 2017, Instructional Technology Services in IITS and Access and Disability Services held a UDL event. We surveyed our students and collected suggestions on how to make Haverford classrooms more accessible.

Here are some suggestions our students offered.

  1. Conduct a survey to gauge the most valued and effective teaching style at the beginning of the semester

    Many faculty members conduct a midterm survey, but many students asked for one at the beginning of the term. You can have an activity to ask your students to finish the sentence such as “I learn best in classes when…….” as we did last semester. This article “First Day of Class Activities that Create  Climate for Learning” offers a lot of useful activities.

    If you want to survey your students electronically and anonymously, you can use Moodle’s questionnaire function.

  2. Provide supplemental materials in many formats including images and videos to cover the content from all angles


  3. Provide the lecture materials before the class

    Receiving materials before the class will allow students to better prepare for the class.

  4. Facilitate students’ active learning

    Many students asked for small group discussion & collaboration time during the class. Some students ask for time to reflect and write in class.

  5. Record lectures with Panopto (lecture capture system)

    Some students mentioned that they appreciate the use of Panopto, lecture capture system. The recordings are helpful when students miss classes or when they want to review certain materials later.

  6. Offer Time outside the class

    Many students mentioned the value of office hours and TA sessions. They also mentioned the value of outside the class tutorial sessions.

We gave students an option to participate in the survey via video.

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