UDL tip of the week – Week 6 Panopto (lecture capture system)

Providing multiple means of representation is one of the main UDL principles. Some of your students will appreciate the use of Panopto, lecture capture system.

Here are several reasons to use Panopto.

  • Students miss classes for various reasons.
  • You might help a student who needs a notetaker.
  • It is hard to listen and take notes at the same time.
  • Students might want to review parts of your lectures later.
  • Our students like Panopto! (feedback from students on Panopto). 
  • You can review your teaching or presentation style.
  • You can make short videos to flip your classroom.

What can you do with Panopto?

  • Record audio, a computer screen and/or video of the presenter.
  • Record Powerpoint or Keynote slides.
  • Add quizzes.
  • Check the usage analytics.

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